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Uncategorized novembro 29, 2014

But then you find out Honeybun’s got implants

It happens to everybody: you start clicking with that special someone. Your Facebooks get acquainted dildos, your Twitters follow each other, and your AIMs, YIMs, and Skypes buddy up. By the time you give your sweetiepie a slot in the toothbrush stand and a dedicated dresser drawer, your Firefox is full of cookies and your […]

Uncategorized novembro 16, 2014

The probe and rings are all also silicone

Alright, my fiance and I have recently bought and tried out a feeldoe slim for some “her on top” play, but we had to cut it short as we found the small seam to cause irritation for both of us. Sadly we could see no reviews which mentionedAlright, my fiance and I have recently bought […]